Coberman Maine Coon Cats has been registered with CFA since 1989. My first exposure to the Maine coon cat was through Paula Bill of Firepaw Maine coons and Somalis. Paula used to come into the fish/pet store I worked for at the time and had a business card with her; “Maine coon cats?” I read. Paula began to tell me all about the breed and I knew by her excitement that I had to meet one.

She had a litter of 6 about 6 weeks old and invited me to stop by and take a look. Mom was a beautiful silver mackerel w/white from Nephrani maine coons, out of St.Louis and Dad, Charmalot Richard Jr of the Thecathut a brown classic tabby.

Just retiring from 4-H and breeding French Lop rabbits, I was immediately drawn to the distinct classic patterns amongst silver and brown tabbies. The size! The adults walking around were so impressive, I, of course, was also drawn to their size. After seeing these gentle giants, I told everybody that would listen about them with that same excitement I had seen in Paula. My sister Lisa saw my excitement and decided she would buy me one for Christmas.

The night I brought Malachi home at 12 weeks is my first exposure to the temperament of these wonderful creatures. I was 18 and sharing an apartment with friends. We had a couple people over and this kitten just diddie bopped off to the food bowl then the water bowl to only end up on everyone's lap by the end of the night; and loving every minute of it. As my knowledge and questions grew, Paula decided to take Malachi to a local cat show where Malachi won his first and only final -10th best long haired kitten from Judge Ken Currle. This was enough for the want to be a part of promoting and exhibiting a breed for the betterment to become a reality.

I purchased my first female from Ruth and Bob Morris of Nephrani Maine Coons in St. Louis, Missouri, and while showing her and looking for a suitable boy to improve her, I met Mary Jayne and Richard Frantz of Franmar Maine Coons in Akron, Oh. It was from Mary Jayne and Dick that I would learn everything I would need to know to have a successful breeding program. It was with their help, support and Mary Jayne tube-feeding a blue with white maine coon kitten, Grc Coberman Sirr-Nik Blu Miracle - Possibly the first blue bi-color Maine Coon Cat to Grand in CFA, would become my first grand champion.

Over the 20 plus years I have met and worked with some wonderful people up and down the east coast that are responsible for helping me create my pedigree today. So I would like to also thank:

Penny Kelley - McEremon Maine Coon Cats – Ohio
Deb Elder - DeJons Maine Coon Cats - Virginia
Ruthie and Russ Ita - Charade Maine Coon Cats - Ohio
Don and Leah Barrier - Bearcoon Maine Coon Cats - Ohio
Marg and Neil Baird - Hibou Maine Coon Cats - Ontario
Deb May - Maycoons Maine Coon Cats - Vermont
Bill and Mary Szafarski - Jaljemar Maine Coon Cats - New York
Bill and Kate Harrison - Harkleen Maine Coon Cats - Ontario
Odell and Geraldine Berry - TheCathut Maine Coon Cats - Ohio
Pat O’Grady - Island Maine Coon Cat - North Carolina
Justin Pelletier - Cuzzoe Persians and Maine Coon Cats - North Carolina
Elaine Magee - Coonalley Maine Coon Cats - New Jersey
Rae Sammis - Mainelyclassic - North Carolina
David Billingsley - Cloistercoon - New York
Pat Montanaro - Coonificent - Connecticut

Today, I reside In New York and maintain a small competitive breeding program and occasionally have kittens available. Please feel free to contact me with any questions